Smoke ventilation

Smoke ventilation

Fomatec smoke hatches can be installed wherever smoke ventilation regulations require it.

Fomatec is supplied with a weather-resistant, UV-protected, hard-wearing and durable PC hatch.

The hatches close using an electric 24/48 V motor and advanced control system and battery reserve.

The Fomatec smoke hatch is one of the best on the market based on technical testing values, Cv factor and U-value.

During testing and certification of the product, the hatches are exposed to major stress factors. Examples of this are that the hatches are able to open 160° at -15°C, in winds of 10 m/s and 300 kg of additional weight on the hatch. The hatches can handle a minimum of 1,000 openings during a fire and 10,000 under normal conditions.

Fomatec is supplied with a frame which is 70 mm insulated. Certified sizes measure up to 1200×2400 mm (WxL) with a frame height of 300 mm or 500 mm.

These tests are all certified to NS 12101-2 standards. The product is CE-approved and -certified.