Inspection hatches

Inspection hatches

BVS supplies a complete range of inspection hatches in plastic, steel and fire-classified versions.

The Inspecto W and H hatch is an inspection hatch used in fire-classified walls/coverings made of plaster, burnt clay, concrete, brick etc.

Fire-classified hatches are available in many different sizes right up to 900×1200 mm.

The hatches offer a patented concealed locking system and have been fire-tested both horizontally and vertically according to applicable standards.

The hatches are supplied with concealed hinges and locks. Inspecto hatches have an attractive, quality appearance without unsightly locks, handles or hinges.

Inspecto hatches are available in RAL 9010 as standard, but can be supplied in all RAL colours as required (optional extra).

The inspection hatch has been tested and certified to the most stringent fire resistance and functionality requirements.

These tests are all certified to NS standards.

The product is type-approved and certified. Fire rated: EI30-EI90, EW120.

Sizes measure up to 900×1200 mm (WxH) and the hatches are smoke-tight. Noise reduction up to 55 Rw.