Fire curtains

Fire curtains

Flammatex fire curtains can be installed wherever fire or smoke regulations may require it – in a fire cell, escape route, dividing wall or external wall. The fire curtain has been tested and certified to the most stringent fire resistance, smoke density and functionality requirements.
These tests are all certified to NS standards. The product is CE-approved and -certified.
Certified sizes measure up to 10×6 metres (WxH).

We can deliver the following fire class:                                                                                                                                                                  E30 – E120, EW30 – EW120, EI30 – EI120

All fire curtains can supply smoke-proof (Sa), optional RAL or with stainless steel design.

Flammatex fire curtains are supplied with an advanced control system and battery reserve. The control system monitors all cables, connections and battery status. If a fault is detected, the control system immediately sends out an alert and lowers the fire curtain to a closed position, if required (fail-safe). The control unit can be supplied with a warning lamp, manual switch and emergency opening switch. The product offers several programmable settings and features to allow the fire curtain to be customised for any application.

Connection option Nano v.4.4 control unit
– Two fire curtains can be connected to each control unit
– External up/down switch
– Emergency opening switch
– Photo cell/terminal strip
– Signal from fire alarm system or local smoke detector
– 3 relay outputs for cabling to SD system
– 24V, from unit
– Flammatex App (IOS) Bluetooth
– Time delay
– Automatic test